Cut the Crap Parenting Playdates!



This is an experience where you can actually see my techniques in person.  It's best if you can "sit on your hands" for this one!

You'll see how a few simple words and tactics bring peaceful resolution across a variety of subjects. Watch me handle challenges at snacktime, interactions with other children, and during transitions.


 And, it’s fun! Join your child for circle time with singing, sign language and games. Watch the children do what comes naturally as they go about their work of play, based on a different theme at each session. We will look for and talk about opportunities to enhance a specific social skill each session, but the children will bring the real lessons!  We’ll wrap up with a closing circle, and then I'll show you how to move on with your day without kicking and screaming (at least on your part!) 


Learn to set firm boundaries with gentle, clear communication in real time.