My Shaklee Story

When Angel Pie was about 6 weeks old, I was diagnosed with mastitis.  Again.  It seems I had just cleared it up with a course of antibiotics that solved the mastitis problem, but caused a yeast rash (read: awful, nasty rash) on the bum of my sweet baby that I ended up treating with an anti-fungal medication.  And here I was again with an incredibly painful breast and flu-like symptoms that hit like a truck.  Not a really good combination for an exclusively-breastfeeding mother of a newborn whose husband worked 10-hour days.

Something told me there was a better way.  I had learned so much about the human body throughout my pregnancy and the planned homebirth that changed my life forever.  I already knew a little about the devastating effects of antibiotics on the body and was willing to put in a little work before going that route again.

I called my mothering mentor and breastfeeding expert and told her what was happening.  She immediately shared a recipe given to her by a CNM (certified nurse midwife) 30 years prior and told me it had helped many women.  The recipe was a combination of vitamin C, garlic, and echinacea.  Just before we hung up, she said, "Denise, get Shaklee if you can."

I can still hear her voice saying that, and I still remember the feeling I had as I wondered what the heck was Shaklee, and how was I supposed to get it!  She told me to call Karen and gave me a phone number.  That afternoon Karen was at my house with all the things I needed.   Karen explained to me the Shaklee difference, and it all made perfect sense.

Since then, Karen has been one of my first contacts when I've needed help with healing.  She has healed and kept healthy her husband and daughter (and now granddaughters!) with Shaklee so I know she's seen it work. 

 I know she saves me so much time by not having to stand in the grocery or drug-store aisles wondering which bottle to buy, and that she saves me money by helping me get just what I need from a brand that's what I call "science-backed nature." 

And that brand?  When I told my pediatrician what I was using years ago, she applauded me and started naming off a few of her own Shaklee favorites.  That vote of confidence goes a long way, right?

I'm so proud to have Karen as a partner today:  not just in my family's wellness, but also in my business.  You can reach Karen through her website. 

So, whether you need better health, or a better life, or both, choose Shaklee.  After all, it's Always Safe, Always Works, and Always Green.  And, there's a money-back guarantee.  Passes my test!

Me, when I'd just begun my Shaklee journey.

Me, when I'd just begun my Shaklee journey.